Presentation of the Journal

Several regions of Romania have their own periodical of a more or less scientific character. Unfortunately none of them is published in the Gyergyó basin. Therefore, problems related to this region rarely appear in any of the published works.

Our journal released with a special issue aims at discussing social and economic matters from a scientific or informative point of view. The studies and articles may respond to the region’s problems and may serve as guidance for the local society in several social and economic points. They may also pass on information inaccessible through the local media.

The editorial board sought out researchers stemming from the Gyergyó region in the hope that their reconnection can partially make up for the lack of social capital. It is through them that we can intensify the knowledge transfer, since most of them work at prestigious scientific institutions. The numerous opinions might result in ideas that can offer solutions to our local problems.

The journal might also serve as motivation for college students to focus on the area and make it the subject of their scientific research.

Research projects could shape an internal discourse between locals and those who have temporarily or permanently left the region. The informational network develops the capacity to solve problems and it also helps approach our own situation from a broader perspective. The flow of information that evolves around the journal can manifest itself as a supportive structure for it requires collective action.

The journal wishes to collect once a year all those writings that are related to and relevant for the region. These would be grouped into five major topics: history, economy, natural sciences, ethnography, art and literature, sociology.

In the name of the editorial board:
Nagy József, editor-in-chief.


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